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Regapharm’s advice on launching and marketing new drugs in Russia

What we can do:

  1. Review new methods to create and launch new drugs;
  2. Develop new concepts and action plans to promote new drugs;
  3. Manage control forms and methods, and assess programs for launching new products in the market.

Launching and marketing new products in the marketplace is a challenging and consistent process. We are working to help you find the best solution that fits the market demand and your potential.

Firstly, you need to understand that any new product begins with an idea, which eventually grows into a range of services and physical attributes that are offered to prospective customers.

New product development is a process that generates and reviews ideas and creates new products. Products are developed, reviewed by marketing experts and launched into production.

Professional advice in launching and marketing new products will strengthen your positions in a specific segment, enhance your competitive margin and facilitate sales.

Your company profitability rises. Moreover, competent decision making will mitigate risks of failure when your new product is released. Such an approach will prove to be the best choice for a new product, along with its strategy and marketing.

It is important to maintain the optimal balance of theory and practical implementation.

Regapharm will help you to streamline your time and money expenses on launching new products based on methods used in our previous successful projects.

New project development for product launch consists of seven stages.

  1. Develop strategies for launching and marketing new products.
  2. Create ideas for a new product launch and its marketing.
  3. Select the best ideas.
  4. Carry out business analysis.
  5. Develop the product.
  6. Test the product in the market.
  7. Generate profit.

Competent marketing strategies will significantly cut your costs and capital waste, and increase returns in the market.

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