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Business Development and Product Portfolio Management services

When analyzing your product portfolio and Enterprise development services, we make the best use of matrix of Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Our research and “Regapharm” experiments demonstrate that innovations are introduced to the market by:

  • New companies with creative concepts;
  • Light & Food Industry companies, whose product development expenses are low and who regularly renew their products;
  • Large companies, that have research and development departments and have development cards, procedures and human resources.


Bad portfolio - no profit!

Enterprise development services and their product portfolios are an important part of modern market reality.  

Companies that haven’t yet renewed their product portfolio and have not used new markets for old products, are on their final leg of business.

Very often we see how private or public companies with good long history have crashed on the market. Of course, the product portfolio is not the reason behind every problem. It is clear enough that there are many different factors behind net profit decrease. But there are common reasons for the majority of companies. And one of them is a bad product portfolio.

Analysis of services and product portfolio

Business development on the platform of a dynamic and ever-changing market means large financial investments, which are required for successful work, increase in production, marketing campaigns and more.

In contrast, the release of a product or service onto a mature market makes and supports financial resources.

In the course of this conception rule the product life cycle is used. It shows the need for a balance of products in every different life cycle stage.

Enterprise development services and product portfolio should take these factors into account and ideally comply with an approved cooperation strategy.

We report some recommendations for decreasing some development risks and market authorization of the new product:

  1. Remember: even “star products and services” need market promotion.
  2. Do not stop training! Analyze and study international practices. Do not be afraid to accept new solutions.
  3. Study all the business variants and choose the best and detailed development for market success, leading positions and new achievements.
  4. Analyze and raise expectations from products and services, which play the most important role for a customer.
  5. Do not cut time for research and development, especially in the case of the first system experiment.
  6. Take into account that the development of a new product is expensive and time consuming. It requires special research and development departments and financial resources for new product development.
  7. Analyze your product portfolio at least once every six months. Estimate the applicability of services and take meaningful action for their function.

The key is to partner mutually beneficial relations with the related enterprise and the competition when developing a new product. You may also consult with “Regapharm”, leading experts on enterprise development services and product portfolio development.

Remember, when combining efforts you gain common experience, financial and human resources and reduce potential risks!



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