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An Indian company will open the production of cancer drugs in the Moscow region

The Moscow region will host an import-substituting production of drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases and an enterprise for the chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. The products are intended for drugs that are now produced mainly in European countries and the United States. This was reported in the press service of the governor and the government of the Moscow region.

At SPIEF-2022, the corresponding agreement was signed by the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov and the General Director of the Advance Group of Companies Rajesh Sharma. Construction will begin in the second quarter of 2023. Site selection is underway, the statement said.

“India is known to be traditionally strong in pharma. Companies with Indian capital are confidently working in this industry in the Moscow region, implementing serious investment projects. We face a difficult task - to ensure import substitution not only in terms of finished dosage forms, but also at the level of substances. Pharma is a significant share in our economy: 75 enterprises. In 2021, the industry showed the highest growth in taxes. We welcome investors from friendly countries who are ready to strengthen it with their technologies. Only at the first stage, Advanced Group is ready to invest 1 billion rubles in the production complex and another 500 million in the development of initial pharmaceutical substances. At least 150 residents will be able to find a job close to home,” Andrey Vorobyov said.

The project is being implemented in two stages. On the first one, a production complex for the manufacture of drugs intended for cancer patients will be built. Basically, they will be delivered to hospitals and clinics. In addition, a laboratory will be created. The first stage is planned to be completed by the end of 2024.

At the second stage, the company plans to create an enterprise for the chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. Construction will begin in early 2023 and will be completed in 2027. This is another 5 billion rubles of investments and more than 500 jobs.

“Signing an agreement with the government of the Moscow Region is a significant milestone for our company. We plan to implement a new project, the purpose of which is to ensure the replacement of imported drugs for the treatment of cancer in the shortest possible time. That is why we chose the Moscow Region, where the most comfortable business climate has been created, a large selection of land plots, affordable engineering infrastructure, optimal tax regimes, and qualified personnel. The core of our new pharmaceutical production will be an R&D center responsible for the development of new, more effective substances. We will focus on the current request of the health care system of the Moscow region. In the future, the production of drugs for the treatment of orphan diseases can also be organized at the factory,” said Rajesh Sharma.

In April this year, it became known that India wants to supply cancer drugs to Russia.


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