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About company

"Regapharm" - reliable registration of drugs and substances as the key to success in the pharmaceutical market

The "Regapharm" company is the defender of your interests, assistant to your business

"Regapharm" is an advisory company. We shall help you in registering medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances, as well as in the launch of your products in the Russian, European, Asian and Latin American markets.

Our clients are Russian and international pharmaceutical companies, to whom we offer strategies for their reliable registration and their successful business development.

Usually, the applicant has to collect an extensive document package, including for clinical trials and quality control, to provide it, together with the application, for state registration to the Ministry of Health. There are many documents, which are not required on the first stage of the examination.

Clinical studies usually take one, two or three years. The pharmaceutical part of the registration dossier is aging, as a result the applicant is forced to update it.

We will save you from the tedious and protracted procedures and will help you to prepare documents for the registration of medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances, and we will advise you on drug commerce.

Make profits with us!

  1. You will avoid the failure or rejection of your regulatory documents and save your time - we will competently draw up a dossier and hold a preliminary examination.
  2. You will see the world in an easier way, and we shall successfully overcome every conceivable registration difficulty.
  3. You can plan the launch of your product in advance, because we work as accurately and as precisely as clockwork.
  4. Do not waste your time on the selection of specialized employees. Call us, as through us it will only take you a couple of minutes!
A strong network of contacts in the regulatory community and an excellent knowledge of the pharmaceutical market allows us to confidently implement the registration of medical products and pharmaceutical substances, providing customers with the free time and resources necessary for new opportunities!

Registration of medicinal products is very complicated, long and highly regulated process in the Russian Federation.


We help pharmaceutical companies in seizing new markets, offering registration services along with a range of solutions that will ensure a successful future for your products.


Carrying out a preliminary examination of the registration documents allows us to choose together with the client the most efficient and rapid registration strategy with a guaranteed result.

A preliminary examination and intelligent dossier will allow you to avoid the return of regulatory documents (rejection), which will significantly save you time and reduce costs.

We embark on the most difficult registration cases and obtain a positive result.

We work quickly and accurately, allowing you to plan ahead for the start of your product sales.

By entrusting the registration process to us, you save time on the selection of suitable staff.


In our work, we pay special attention to the creation and development of productive long-term relationships with our clients.

In our opinion, the best indicator of the efficacy of our work and the suitability of our development strategies is repeated business from our customers.

The most pleasant acknowledgement from our customers is their advice and recommendations, given to other companies, to apply to us.

Our Values

The most valuable thing we have - our specialists with higher education in the field of pharmacy, medicine, and business, in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of drug registration, marketing and sales.

Smooth and efficient registration of medicinal products with help of Regapharm is guaranteed by our long experience in the pharmaceutical market, preliminary examination execution, system organization and preparation of documents at a high level of competence.

5 keys for success
  • 1. The ambitious team aimed at achieving goals.
  • 2. Excellent knowledge of regulatory and pharmaceutical market in Russia.
  • 3. Wide reliable network of contacts in the regulatory community.
  • 4. Flexibility and speed in making decisions.
  • 5. Reliable partnership.

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