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What will be in the program of the I Annual ISPE EAEU Conference?

The draft program of the I Annual Conference of the Eurasian Branch of ISPE, which will be held on November 24-26, 2020 in Moscow, has appeared.

Among the key topics of the conference:

• Pharmaceutical engineering and design

• Improvement of the regulatory framework for drug production in the EAEU and the world

• Digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry.

The conference will open with a panel session “The role of ISPE in the development of good practices in the world; Local branch of ISPE in the EAEU - goals and objectives of creation." Here, the conference participants will learn about new opportunities that are opening up in connection with the receipt of the status of the Eurasian branch of the ISPE in March 2020 by the MAFI EAEU, and will get acquainted with new directions of development. The participants will also discuss how the work of ISPE has changed in connection with the spread of COVID-19, whether the Eurasian branch will receive the support of specialized regulators in other countries of the Union, as it was in Russia, why and who should join the ranks of the ISPE EAEU.

For the first time, a specialized session will be held for students and young professionals who, within the framework of the ISPE EAEU, have a local Young Professionals committee in the spring of 2020 - "Panel discussion in the Students & YP direction".

As the organizers of the program of the 1st Annual Conference of the Eurasian Branch of the ISPE note, within the framework of the ISPE, special forums and events are held for the fair sex in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of communication and cooperation on technical and professional topics. The community uses a network of mentors, role models, and resources at all levels to achieve balanced professional success. Now such a community has appeared in the EAEU. The program of the gala dinner will include a special part dedicated to the Women in Pharma direction.

During the session "Review of new ISPE guidelines for 2019-2020." representatives of pharmaceutical companies and design organizations will present, through the prism of their cases, the application of the latest ISPE guidelines, which have not yet been translated into Russian.

The discussion "Regulatory Table" will become traditional for all conferences, where representatives of the relevant state authorities of the EAEU member states will talk about interaction in the direction of GMP, including work in terms of mutual recognition of the results of inspections with foreign inspectorates and ministries of health; will answer questions from the pharmaceutical industry about current legislative changes.

A detailed conference program is presented on the official website of the ISPE Eurasian Branch.

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