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Viktor Dmitriev: We turn our gaze towards the East

Chairman of the Public Council under Roszdravnadzor, Director General of the ARPM Viktor Dmitriev took part in the Drug Safety forum, which took place on the starting day of the anniversary XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2022.

One of the components of the PHARMA-2020 program, which started in 2009, was the localization of pharmaceutical production and the reproduction of imported medicines. And today, about 75% of packages of medicines produced in the Russian Federation are circulating on the domestic pharmaceutical market. At the same time, most of the active substances are still produced in China and India.

Speaking as a speaker of the session on Russian-Chinese cooperation, the head of the ARPM noted that in the current conditions, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is faced with the task of assessing the market and identifying those drugs whose full production cycle is strategically necessary to be carried out domestically, given the experience we gained during the covid pandemic, when The current epidemiological situation forced even reliable partners to close the borders. At the same time, there remains a number of drugs that are economically unprofitable to produce in Russia in a full cycle. And this fact turns our eyes towards the East, first of all, towards the People's Republic of China.

In particular, ARPM signed an agreement with the Chinese side 8 years ago, and today Long Sheng, being a member of the Association, represents its interests in China. Victor Dmitriev noted:

Cooperation between our countries is planned in several areas at once: the supply of substances and ingredients from China to the Russian Federation; development and implementation of global scientific projects, in particular, clinical trials; joint training of highly qualified personnel, taking into account the historical experience of both countries; development of balneology, again focusing on the traditional love of Chinese medicine for the "sun stone" amber, which is rich in our Kaliningrad region.

According to the speaker, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is almost 100% dependent on imported production equipment, however, in this area, Russia and China have good prospects not only in terms of supplying us with Chinese equipment, but also in terms of its joint development.

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