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Murashko: simplification of drug registration will not affect the quality of medicines in Russia

The quality of medicines sold in Russia is an absolute priority, despite a number of procedures to speed up and simplify the registration of medicines. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko following a meeting with pharmaceutical companies from the Foreign Investment Council, TASS writes.

According to him, in order to further simplify the access of medicines to the market, “in the near future, the issue of the possibility of using data on the pharmaceutical substance previously included in the registration certificate of other drugs, without the need for additional examinations, will be worked out in the registration of a medicinal product.”

“At the same time, despite a certain simplification and acceleration of procedures, we continue to adhere to the absolute priority of the quality of medicines that circulate on the market of our country. Our patients can be sure that they receive safe and effective drugs. In this sense, there will be no compromises, ”the publication quotes Murashko.

The minister also spoke about the possibilities of creating and using domestic standard samples by foreign manufacturers who have localized the production of drugs in Russia. This should greatly simplify the activities of pharmaceutical companies in the face of complicated logistics.
As the official recalled, the government has made serious decisions both in the sphere of regulating the circulation of medicines, and in the sphere of specifics of public procurement of medicines, new opportunities for re-registration of prices and financing of medicines within the framework of compulsory health insurance. All of them are designed to ensure stability in the market and prevent shortages of drugs.

“In particular, an advance payment of 240 billion rubles was made within the framework of compulsory health insurance, which is up to 80% of all medical organizations' expenses for drug provision. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to clearly plan the production and supply of drugs. Today, thanks to the labeling system, we see the movement of medicines, their balances in each region and their introduction into civil circulation in real time. This allows us to accurately determine the positions for which a decrease in availability is possible in the future, and to take the necessary measures in advance,” Mikhail Murashko summed up.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Health said that the Russian Federation has enough production of medical devices.


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