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An online catalog of registered drugs has been launched in Russia

The State Corporation Rostec and the Russian Ministry of Health have launched the country's official and first open online catalog, which contains information about all the drugs registered in the Russian Federation. The platform, which collects data on certified drugs in an automatic mode, is integrated with public procurement and drug labeling systems. The developer of the system is LLC SCEM (part of the RT - Design Technologies of Rostec State Corporation).

To date, information on more than 140 thousand unique commodity items is available in the Unified Structured Guide-Catalog of Medicinal Products (ESKLP). Data in the system comes from the State Register of Medicinal Products (SRMP): when the registry is updated, information is automatically transferred to the directory of catalog. Authorized users of the online directory can leave comments on each of the designated items.

“The information-analytical procurement system will help to avoid overstating the cost of purchasing the same drugs during different procurement procedures, as well as eliminate unfair competition - it is known that a number of customers described the procurement object in such a way that it was“ tailored ”to a particular supplier, - noted the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova. “ESKLP will also raise the awareness of customers about the possibilities of acquiring interchangeable drugs, allowing them to get a real tool to provide more citizens in need of drug therapy.”

The portal is intended for participants in government procurement of drugs, drug manufacturers, other pharmaceutical industry participants and ordinary consumers. Using the ESKLP website, you can familiarize yourself with the principles of the aggregation of medicines into purchasing groups and get information about their interchangeability in the framework of public procurement.

“Based on the information from ESKLP, a catalog of goods, works and services is being compiled, which is posted on the website of the unified information system in the field of procurement, which allows us to conduct a systematic analysis of general indicators of public procurement of medicines and optimize the spending of budget funds. In addition, information from ESKLP is transmitted to the drug movement labeling system, where a list of marked drugs is formed on their basis, ” said Alexander Nazarov, Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation.

The directory is part of the Unified State Information System in Healthcare (USISH) as part of the information-analytical subsystem for monitoring and control in the field of public procurement of medicines, which is created by the State Corporation Rostec on the instructions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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